Erica Nottage

小林 エリカ

Erica Nottage (b. Fukuoka) is a multidisciplinary artist working in the expanded field of painting and sculpture in Sydney. Her work merges the traditions of hard-edge abstraction, sacred geometry and her Japanese heritage. Nottage explores the poetics of simplicity (kanso : 簡素) while working with materials which speak to metaphysical ideas. This can range from natural materials - such as sand- to discarded objects from the urban landscape. Her work is reminiscent of the Japanese rules of ikebana by contemplating the elements of line, colour and mass.

Nottage also considers biological systems which exist on both macro and micro scales, depicting these systems through an abstract language of triangles, light and space. Through observing and interacting with the coastal ecology in which she resides, Nottage absorbs the phenomena of her natural surroundings and expresses her fascination with the planet through her sculptures and paintings.

She further draws upon her bi-cultural identity by considering the advancements of science in the Western world, while simultaneously exploring Eastern spiritual philosophy such as Zen Buddhism. This deep curiosity of the human experience forms much of the research in her artistic practice. Nottage collects data through scientific and literary resources, which she then translates into visual forms. Through a system of intuitive mathematics, her art reveals where she has been and where she will go. Her practice oscillates between the methodical and the experimental; a mental, physical and spiritual dance which is a practice of self-enquiry and introspection.

Erica lives and works on Dharawal Country. She pays her respects to all elders past, present and emerging. Always was, always will be Aborginal land.

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